Screw Link

Titanium & Brass Options

Another CountyComm Exclusive


A large client needed a way to connect their flashlight and compass to their gear with a secure, light weight, low magnetic signature (so as not to affect the compass) corrosion resistant link. We ran into two problems. Commercially available links either weren't small enough or they weren't professional quality.

SOLUTION: We had a screw link custom made for our client. During the design phase a decision was made to use Ti6Al4V Titanium.

There has been high demand for Titanium (God's Metal) Screw links. We are proud to introduce the limited production Ti Screwlink. Titanium is stronger than most steels and 45 percent lighter. The melting temp of titanium is just over 3000F, non-magnetic and rust proof. The Ti Screwlink are ideal for EDC (Everyday Carry).

- With Brass knurled lock for smooth threading

We all carried the prototype in our pockets for a few days and each of us came up with some additional uses. We liked the concept so much we ordered extras for us and you.


Titanium / Brass Model

4.4 Grams ( Almost lighter than a feather )

1.85" x .9" x .115 Inches



Solid Brass Model

7.2 Grams / 1/4 Ounce

1.85" x .9" x .115 Inches



lawyerA Note From The Legal Department: These screw links are designed to hold small valuable objects at the ready, They are not life safety devices. Ken and Barbie could rappel and support their weight with it, but real humans can't. The Stainless Steel Peanut Lighter Shown Above Is Not Included With The Stainless Screw Link.