Stretchlite Mini Flashlight / Lantern

Our new Stretch-Lite Mini offers a lot of light in a small package. With a 0.5 watt Nichia brand LED, they provide 26 lumens of light with a long-lasting LED bulb. This one-piece flashlight with an aluminum housing converts into a lantern with a simple pull. The torch position focuses the beam of light, while the lantern position allows the light to spread for enclosed situations. Weighing in at 2.5 oz (with the included battery) they are perfect for travel, emergencies, outdoors and camping. Use it as your primary source of light or to keep it in your pack for an emergency.

Stretch-Lite Mini Features:

  • Uses 1 AA battery (Duracell included)
  • 3.75" x 1" (4.75" long when open)
  • Carabiner and Carrying Strap included
  • Burns 5-12 hoursklklkl
  • Water Resistant
  • Blue Body