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3/32" Nylon Tether Cord

AA Waterproof Delrin® Battery Locker

AAA Maratac™ Extreme Flashlight

AAA Waterproof Delrin® Battery Locker

A&P Key Ring

ACU Camouflage Pattern Bandana/Handkerchief

ACU Special Ops Issue SO-LED Illuminator

Adapters For Casio G-Shock Watches


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Bail Out Bag (Generation 5)

Blade Tech Mouse Lite Folding Pocket Knife

Black Rubber Necklace

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Clip Pock-Its XL

Compact Battery Holders

Compact Candle Lantern

Compact Trauma Shears

Copper Embassy Pen

Cord Supervisor

CountyComm Flight Suit Patches

CR123 Waterproof Delrin® Battery Locker

Custom Titanium Widgy Pry Bar

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Decorative Knot Key Fob

Diplomat Pocket Organizer Series 2

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EDC-Key Screwdriver

EDC Rescue Pocket Knife

Embassy Pen (Rev. 2)

Embassy Pen Refill

Emergency Space Blankets

EOD Robotics Breacher Bar

EOD Robotics Flight Patch

EOD Utility Bag

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Fire Fixins Ultimate Fire Starting Aid

Fiskars Hatchet

Food Grade Candy Boxes

Fox 40 Micro Whistle


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Ganyana Blade Tech Folding Pocket Knife

Gate Clip by Maratac™

Gerber Curve Mini Tool

Gerber Compact Pocket Sharpener

Gerber Emergency Escape Knife

Gerber Sportsman's / Survival Saw

Goliath Stainless Steel Skull

GP-4L / EFTR (Emergency Task Force Radio)

GP-4L In Gov. Pack

GP-4L Shortwave Antenna

GT3 "Gear Ties" (10 Pack)

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Handling Gloves

High Grade Micro Fiber Cloth



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Improved Mine Probe Pouch

Industrial Benchtop Gas Burner

iPod Watch Band

Israeli Trauma Bandage

ITW Survival Whistle

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J-SAR Dive Watch (Jumbo SAR)

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KA202L, 4-Band Shortwave Receiver

Knot Lock


Kydex Sheath for EOD Breacher Bar

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Lace Lock

Ladybug Salt Brown H1 Knife

Ladybug Salt Orange H1 Knife

Large Personal Organizer / Tool Carrier

LA Wallet

LED Silicone Diffuser for 3/4" Flashlight Heads


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Maratac 550 Paracord

Maratac™ AA Flashlight The World's Smallest, Brightest, AA Flashlight

Maratac™ AA Stainless Flashlight

Maratac™ AAA "Copper" Flashlight

Maratac™ AAA Flashlight Electro Polished Stainless Steel

Maratac™ AAA Flashlight

Maratac™ Bond Regimental Bands

Maratac™ Extreme AA Tactical Light (now available in OD green)

Maratac™ Lighter Case (MLC)

Maratac™ ManFolio

Maratac™ Mid-Range Bag

Maratac™ Mil-Nato Bands

Maratac™ Mil-Series MI-6 Bands

Maratac™ Mil-Nato MI-6 Bands

Maratac™ "Mil Series" Bands

Maratac™ Pilot Automatic Watch

Maratac™ "S-Series" Zulu Bands

Maratac™ Stitched Composite Watch Bands

Maratac™ Silicone Rubber Deployment Watch Bands

Maratac™ Tac-Pad

Maratac™ Tac Sac

Maratac™ Two Piece Bands

Marathon Natural Rubber SAR Dive Watch Straps

Metal Match Survival Fire Starter

Micro Collapsible Candle Lantern

Micro Grappling Hook

Micro Towels

Micro Widgy® Bar

Mid-Breach Robotics Bar

Mighty Gripper

Military Arctic Canteen

Military Training Compass

Mil-Spec Stainless Steel Container

Mini Eod Robotics Flight Suit Patches

Mini Stainless Screw Link

Mini Utility Scissors

Model "LS-100" 72 Hour Response Bag

MPCC, Multi-Purpose Carry Case

Multi Bit Driver

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New Improved Compact Signal Mirror

New Improved Micro Signal Mirror

NITROX-17 A 17" Watch Band For Divers

Norton's U.C.S. (Universal Cleaning Stick)

NY-LA Wallet

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(One Of A Kind) Goliath Stainless Steel Skull

Orange Cased Pocket LEDs

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P-38 U.S. Issue Can Openers

Padded Knife / Multi-Tool Pouch

Passport RFID Holder

Pencil Cordless Torch

Personal Carry Case (PCC)

Pick Pocket Case

Pico Widgy Pry Bar

Pilot Flask

Plastic Military Canteen

Pocket Case Military Brown

Pocket First Aid Kit Made For The Outdoors

Pocket Grappling Hook

Pocket Sharpening Stone

Pocket Straight Razor Survival Tool

Pocket Widgy® Pry Bar

Ponderer Stainless Steel Figurine

Premium EMT / Combat Shears

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Responder II Pouch

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Sandy 660 Timing Bezel Insert

SAR D.O.D. Replacement Buckle

Sat Com Bag

S-BINER Gear Clips

Screw Key

Screwz-All® 4-in-1

Self Locking Clip

Sleeping Bag, Emergency, Mylar, Extra Large Government Issue

Small AM/FM Radio

Small Mil-Spec Stainless Steel Container


Special Operations-Light Emitting Diode™(SO-LED™)

Spectra® Thread From Maratac™

Split Rings, Gun Metal Black Oxide Finish

Square Knot Lanyard

Stainless Embassy Pen Rev. 2

Stainless Folding Pocket Case

Stainless Steel Maratac™ AAA Flashlight

Stainless Steel Peanut Lighter™

Stormproof Matches

Straight Widgy Pry Bar

Stretchlite Mini Flashlight / Lantern

Super Spork

Survival Chainsaw

Swiss Q-D (Quick Disconnect) Key Chain

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TacFolio Travel Organizer

Tactical Nylon Pouch For Motorola Razr Cell Phone

Tactical Tool Roll

TEK LOK with Hardware

Test Clip

Tether Tips

Three Wick Emergency Candle

Ti Split Rings

Tiny "Split Pea" Peanut Lighter

Titanium Embassy Pen

Titanium Peanut Lighters™

Titanium Super Spork

Titanium Widgy Pry Bar

TorqKey Screwdriver

Travel Toothbrushes

Traveler Wallet


Tube Vaults

Tweezers, Tick & Splinter Removal

Tweezer Set

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U-DIG-IT Shovel

Universal Flashlight Holster

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Velcro Backed ID Placard

Velcro Backed U.S. Flags

Victorinox German Military Issue Pocket Knife

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Watch Taco 2nd Generation

Waterproof Delrin® Safe

Waterproof Delrin® Storage Capsule

Waterproof Match Case

WX Warrior Beanie

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XL Bail Out Bag

XL EOD Utility Bag

(XL) Sat-Com Bag

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Yacht Clip

Yorick Stainless Steel Skull

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Zip LED zipper Lite

Zulu Four Buckle Watch Straps

Zulu Two Buckle Watch Straps

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