Mini Utility Scissors

By Maratac™


Maratac has decided to make the new Mini Utility Scissors for greater ease of portability with the same great quality you come to expect from Maratac. These Stainless Scissors seem to cut just about everything varying from cordage to ballistic nylon. Designed and built for the medical industry they have way more uses that you could possibly imagine. Nothing wimpy here. Autoclavable at 290F should you need it surgical clean.

Overall length 3.50 inches. Divers carry them to clear themselves from entanglements from fishing lines and nets that aren't easily cleared with a knife. Gardeners will find them great for cutting off plastics nursery pots. Mechanics and handymen need them in their tool boxes for cutting who knows what. Climbers will find them perfect for removing bits of clothing that get sucked into their descending devices. Who wants to use a big knife near their life line. Cooks and kitchen workers will find them useful for poultry and cutting open large bags. Fishermen and hunters will find them very handy. EMTs & Paramedics have used them for years to cut boots and even leather motorcycle jackets off their patients. Orthopedic Technologists use them for preparing casting and splinting for their patients.

Order a couple of pairs for your first aid kit, and your tool kit too.

Mini Utility Scissors Black Handle / Black Blade

Mini Utility Scissors Orange Handle / Silver Blade

Mini Utility Scissors Neon Green Handle / Silver Blade
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