Maratac™ Mil-Nato Bands

These are the latest bands from the folks at Maratac™. Maratac™ took the U.K. Ministry Of Defense (MOD) specification for watchbands, then manufactured them BETTER than specifications. Like all Maratac™ Bands they are soft and strong, in fact stronger and softer than U.K. MOD Specifications. Maratac™ used their ultrasonic drilling process to cut perfect holes that eliminate any rough spots found in other straps. These new Maratac™ Mil Series NATO bands feature hallmarked solid non-magnetic stainless steel buckles. The nylon webbing is both ultrasonically welded and stitched.


18mm Bands

18mm OD

18mm BLACK
18mm BROWN

20 mm Bands

20mm Brown

20mm GRAY

20mm BLACK


22mm Bands

22mm GRAY

22mm BROWN


22mm Black

Sold Out Until NOV 2014

22mm OD

Sold Out Until NOV 2014
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