Micro Grappling Hook By Maratac

After the success of the "pocket grappling hook", EOD Robotics, Inc. was asked to produce a even smaller version that can be easily carried and hand thrown or deployed with a fishing rod and affordable by the average soldier.

This is a light weight, reusable grappling hook to be used to snag trip wires or command detonation wires on ieds in a combat environment. Designed to be small enough to carry, but big enough to complete it's mission.

  • Entirely made of stainless steel
  • O-ring sealed storage compartment
  • Attachment point will handle 550 or smaller cord
  • Febuary 2013 Contract In Stock



IMPORTANT: The Micro Grappling hook is not designed for life support applications and should not be used for such applications. As with all tools, use with extreme caution. Special note to ninja warriors: This will not support your body weight.