Grimloc™ Locking MOLLE Carabiner

When the United States military was looking for a new fastener to replace metal carabiners that soldiers used to attach gear to their protective vests, ITW Nexus developed the Grimloc™ Locking Carabiner. ITW produces them out of GhillieTex™, a IR signal reducing material.

Its latch is designed with a detent to maintain an open position if needed and, while strong enough to carry equipment; it will break away with a soldier's weight, eliminating snagging hazards that can cause serious injuries.

The Grimloc™ Locking D-Ring's release button is textured for ease of use with gloved hands and works as a pump for purging trapped sand or water through integral drain holes. Since the Grimloc™ is made from plastic; it will not serve as a platform for ricochets or become a secondary projectile.


  • GhillieTEX™ IR signature reduction Technology
  • Attatches securely to all 1" MOLLE webbing and most other 1" webbing
  • Lightweight UV Resistant plastic is immune to solar heating
  • Self-purging ports eliminate sand from blocking the mechanism
  • Break away feature is strong enough to carry equipment, but will break away with a soldier's weight
  • Solid performance over a wide range of of environmental conditions
  • Textured grip allows easy use with gloved hands.

$2.00 EA