1x4 Technician's Pocket Screw Driver

We discovered these screw drivers while we were sourcing some tools for a client. We liked them so much we all wanted some for our personal use so we bought some and are offering the extras here. Let our bulk purchasing power work for you!

2 tool bits provide 4 working tips all made of heat treated s2 tool steel. The composite plastic handle and pocket clip makes this quite the technician's screw driver.

Tips include:

  • 2 Slotted: 1/16" and 1/8"
  • 2 Phillips: #P0 - #P00





Joshua V. Wrote to us and said: "Thought you may wish to add that your Technician's Pocket Screw Driver is great for tightening the screws on a pair of glasses. The bits are small enough to fit the screws and the handle is large enough to be easy to hold."

Thanks Joshua. We don't need tell anyone, because you just did!!

lawyerA Note From Our Legal Department: It has come to our attention that the TSA has been seizing our Technician's Pocket Screwdrivers. We were slightly surprised, however later we were told that a particular on-line forum recommended hanging this tool by cord around your neck to allow the wearer to "adjust an attacker". CountyComm and it's staff members do not recommend this and consider trying to wear this or anything that might be considered a weapon in a airport the beginning of a very bad day. Be smart..